Have you ever lit up at a rugby match and received “the look”, or pulled out your pack of cigarette at a funereal reception and had hands flying in the air chasing away your smoke even before you lit up? Many of those actions are a learned or acquired reflection of the attentional bias towards smoking, and tobacco-related products in general. It is so severe that one tightly clings her bag because “they” know what you are carrying in it: cigarettes and a lighter. Now there is a safe alternative for smokers that bypasses those biased reactions.

The principal ingredient in a cigar or cigarette to which we develop a craving is nicotine, but until now we have had to accept their unwanted fillers of tar and its toxins to deliver the nicotine. Today, though, we have the electronic cigarette UK that supplies only nicotine.

History of the E cigarette

In the 1960’s a Herbert Gilbert patented a device then known as a “smokeless non-tobacco cigarette” that replaced the burning of tobacco wrapped in paper with heated moist air.
In the 2000’s, a Chinese pharmacist combined nicotine in moist heated air and thereby created the first electronic cigarette as we now know them.

The cost effectiveness of e-cigs, then as now, was behind its initial introduction to Chinese domestic laborers as an aid to quit smoking or to have an affordable satisfying alternative.

Interestingly, it was the huge cigarette manufacturer Phillip Morris Tobacco Co., who purchased the first patent.

How E Cigarettes Works

Using the same principle as Herbert Gilbert, the first thing that was removed from smokeless cigarettes was the tobacco. Nicotine was then liquified and combined with poly-glycol, and together they were drawn through moisture heated from a battery in the “filter” of the new electronic cigarettes, and voila! a satisfying dose of nicotine was delivered. With no offensive smoke. No lighter or ashtray are needed either.

As long as you keep your filter-battery charged, you will have a pack of cigarettes to smoke. With no ban on smoking them. The vapor that is released carries no noxious odors and dissipates quickly. Smoking is now known as “vaping”, and the only bias to act against them is one against the habit itself.

As Many Flavors of E-cigarettes as There are Cigarette Brands

Today’s e-cigs come in as many flavors as there are brands of cigarettes or coffees. If you were a menthol person, enjoy your e cigs in menthol. Or perhaps you may be craving something sweet as a pick-me-up as chocolate, or tropical as pineapple. There are virtually no limits of the flavors you can enjoy your new vaping in.